For The Love of Food

First off let me start off by saying that I’m not the most fit person in the world and I’m definitely fine with that. There was a point when I would exercise but for all the wrong reasons, I wasn’t happy with myself and I wasn’t mentally stabled years ago so that really didn’t help, obviously. Now a days on the other hand I do it for my health. I think many times people take out of context when we talk about staying fit, watching what we eat and all that sort of stuff, how ironic though because I used to be one of them. I didn’t really like to hear about anything that had to do with someone telling me to lose weight, I thought it was rude and mainly I thought society was so wrapped up in what you should look like in order to be beautiful. One way or another I’ll admit, that did have an affect on me and to this day I’m still a little bit of self conscious but that’s more personal, thankfully now I could truly care less about what someone else says but point being, if you’re going to get into being healthy and fit, be sure it is for you and only you. I say go for it, for all the right reasons and to me, being healthy is more than enough. I will add this, don’t ever feel like you need to deprive yourself of something if you really want it. God only knows how many times I reached for the junk food rather than a salad or anything on that level but sometimes a girl just wants to enjoy a cheeseburger or something, nothing wrong with that, so to each their own right. I always just try to keep a balance between exercising and eating the food I want. Whatever works for me may not be for some people and what works for some may not work for me. Who are we to say how someone should live their life or what choices they should make?

I believe that the most important thing to do is to simply support one another even if we don’t always approve. If you’re happy then the ones that matter will be happy for you. ❤


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