When Did This Happen

I always swore to myself that I would never become a lover of make up but I guess you can say I have a love and hate relationship with it. Sometimes I wish I didn’t start wearing make up at such an early age but what’s done is done. I started out with eyeliner and mascara, then from there I went to foundation, you know choosing the right shade for you. In come my high school days, there is when I made one of the decisions I would come to regret for a very long time, even still to this day I do. My eyebrows, what was once so well and fully shaped are now so thin I don’t even know my natural shape anymore so you can only imagine the struggle when I try shading them in. Thankfully they are growing, I make progress more and more each time, but it just feels like forever. I know of remedies to promote hair growth, sometimes I try them, putting on tomato, I’ve used aloe vera but I know good and well my eyebrows aren’t going to come in over night, though I wish they did. Honestly I feel like that’s why I take a long time getting ready, everything else for me is a piece of cake. Only thing now is I’m starting to get into putting on eye shadow, I always kept it simple. My usual would consist of foundation, liquid liner, mascara and blush. Along comes my sister insisting she wanted to see how I would look if I just contoured my cheeks a little bit, for a long time I said no. One day though I just surrendered and there came the day I got into the  habit of contouring my cheeks, anything else I rather not. When it comes to eye shadow, I always asked my sister to do that for me but only when I would have special occasions to go to. Last year on Christmas she gave me a palette so I can practice and lately I’ve been loving the colors. I’m more into light shades, something rosy around that sort of thing and it’s rare when I go bold, I don’t know why. You know what they say, never say never and that couldn’t be more true. I’m definitely going to share soon the products I love to use and if there’s anyone out there like me which I’m sure there is, if you have oily prone skin I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations of what helps you. I’m going to get back to babysitting now, my God daughter is waiting for me to be done so I can take her to play outside, she’s done with her breakfast so we are good to go. I hope you all enjoy your day.


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