My Reason

I just finished a workout not so long ago and as I was on the elliptical, I thought to myself since when did I care so much about my health. Of course I don’t see anything wrong with that but when I was younger I remember I was mainly doing it to look a certain way to just maybe receive a little of attention, I admit I had low self esteem back then but I give God all the glory for bringing me out of that state of mind to where I’m at now. Now though I see the real reason behind me trying to get fit and it has nothing to do with society. My motivation now is to be fit before I come to meet the man God has ordained for me to be with so when the day comes for me to have children, I know I’ll be healthy. I’m no stranger to knowing that some things can go wrong though no matter what but my faith is in God and I believe in being healthy for your family, because more than anything I want to give them the best of me that they deserve. I don’t want to be low on energy as I am from time to time, I want to be as productive as I can be not only for them but for myself as well but only God knows how that will go. I’m also aware that there are many women who are at a different stage in their health, to each their own I’m sure many of them have given birth to a healthy baby and if for whatever reason I don’t meet my goal before I have children I pray to God I’m blessed with healthy babies with great fulfilling lives dedicated to him.


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