Spiritual Warfare

I’ve noticed that whenever I’m getting closer to God I feel these spiritual attacks coming over me. It isn’t until now that I realize where I have gone wrong, many other times I would succumb to those attacks and just cry from feeling defeated. I’d sit there practically just feeling sorry for myself that I am in the same place again but not this time. I refuse to let it stop me from pressing in and going forward with the vision God revealed to me. Yes I’m still waiting on certain things to be made known but as for now I know what it is that I should be doing and what it is that I shouldn’t. How many times before today did I know certain things were a distraction and I fell into it? I’ve lost count. Some things that God places within us, let’s be honest but not everyone is going to be able to see it and it isn’t their job to do so. Praying for discernment and wisdom is key because there will come times when people question you and what you place your faith in, the faith you put into whatever it is God revealed to you only for you to begin doubting yourself. Whatever the case may be, whether those doubts start creeping in through the day or night, please take control of it and don’t let it control you. The more we let it happen, the easier it is for us to fall the next time spiritual warfare comes around. Another common mistake I’ve done is too share at times with others the way that I am feeling but because they don’t see or understand on your level, not a higher one just a different one they simply don’t get it. There’s always that possibility for them to say something that might make matters worst. Always go to God about everything, go into prayer and have faith, I’ve found that I am way much more in peace when I go about it in this manner. I truly do recommend others do the same, I pray this helped you. May you all have a beautiful day.


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