I Didn’t See It Coming

Yes I was the one who couldn’t stand being told about God’s way. Not that I didn’t believe in him, yes I’ve had doubts but I think I was meant to in order for God to fully show himself through, whether I see it right now or not, his will not mine but yes I didn’t want to hear a word. At first all I could ever think of was who are they to tell me anything, after all only God can judge me. I know now though, that there is a difference between condemning someone and then coming from a place of love. I do believe God put a message in me to put out there but sometimes I don’t know how to go about it without making other people feel the way I once did when someone approached me with his word. I wonder if I had to go through it as well in order to be in a position from having that experience and letting other knows I know exactly where they are coming from. One way or another l do believe that God’s will for my life will be done, he leaves nothing unfinished. Although I find myself doubting at times my ability and what I am capable of, I know God will help me through it as he always has, even when it seems as if he’s silent.


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