There’s A Bigger Picture

There is a lot that goes on in this world and I think some people have grown accustomed to it, that to them it’s just another day. I personally believe that there is a bigger picture to life and we are failing to see it. I’m barely being more open to receiving the facts that life is not just about getting by but there’s more, more than we can ever understand from the human perspective. God’s perspective on the other hand is beyond ours and I feel as if he’s trying to get our attention, he wants us to open our eyes at what’s going on. Many don’t respond to his call, some just choose to look the other way or pretend that there’s nothing wrong with the way things are going. I’m not saying that there is nothing good out there either, believe me God does not want us worrying over every thing but he does want us to find peace in him throughout the chaos. There will be rumors of war, we all know it is stated in the bible and some people unfortunately are scared for there lives in certain parts of the world while some are living comfortably. I am thankful at this moment for living here in the U.S but there will come a day when all this will change, some of us are leaving our eternal future thrown up in the air not realizing what it is that we are leaving to chance. There is warfare not just on earth but in the realm in which we cannot see. Pray to God for the strength and the discernment which is needed to make clear choices in this time, be mindful of what it is that you take in. God Bless ❤


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