Condemnation vs. Conviction

Condemnation isn’t just a word, it grabs a hold of you if you are not fully armed with the word of God. You are incapable of facing it alone and I know because I’ve tried. I don’t do it on purpose just to see if I can, no it happens as soon as I feel that I let God down completely and I am unworthy of his forgiveness. It’s far from what God wants you to think though and the thoughts that come to mind are not that of your own, they are put into your mind to steer you further away from faith. When I find myself wandering further from my faith in God’s word, I can’t help but to feel lost and unsure of what I should I be doing. There’s nothing that really brings any sense of fulfillment, it’s only emptiness, a whole within waiting to be filled. There might be things that come your way every now and then, nothing but a distraction though it feels like it’s the right thing in that moment but sooner or later you know, that was not sent from God. You are left grappling with the decisions you make and the challenges it brought. When you find yourself in that moment, in your life, do not go to anyone who isn’t in that place to understand why your belief in God is so strong. I don’t mean that in a judging way, I simply state it because it takes someone to know completely where you are coming from and who has been there themselves personally to understand what it is you are truly saying.

Conviction from the Holy Spirit is healthy. You aren’t left feeling helpless and you sure aren’t there straying away further from God. The Holy Spirit has a way of putting a check in your heart, wanting to do better, wanting to be more obedient to God’s word and wanting to get closer to him. I know I slip from time to time but when I do, I feel such deep of repentance that I never felt when I was younger. Never did I ever even think I would come to that place in life. No I am not boasting for this is not of me but the work of God. It is only he who can bring something to pass, something that seems so impossible to us is possible with him. If you ever find yourself in a position where you make a mistake and it is tearing away at you, go to God. Pay no mind to the thoughts that are sent to make you feel like less of a person and pay no mind to the people who are blind to the truth of forgiveness.