Whatever You Do

Promise me that whatever struggle you are facing, you won’t give up!

How many unfortunately have? How many times were you close to it? How many times was I?

What the enemy means for harm, God turns it around for good. Can you imagine how much credit the devil gives himself when he sees us breaking, it’s difficult to even fathom. Many people think that’s it, finally I’m seeing what I want to see, they’re not as strong as they think are but little do they know you serve a big God. The creator of all things, nothing is too much for him. I believe God placed many of us here to show himself through yet life happens and unfortunately at times we stray away. Look to him when times get hard and believe me when I say you will get through it. Let him speak to you, silence your mind and be open to receiving the peace that surpasses all understanding and do not lean on your own.



The love in the light brings peace over me that I never knew. All so very new to me, can’t compare to anything. God there is no one like you who sees right through me, even in the days that I was lost you took the time to reach out. How could I have wandered so far away from your truth. All through these years I was fighting to hold on to my faith, at times I was certain I took a loss but through your great given grace you turned it around for good.