There Is More For You

Have you ever noticed that every now and then distractions may come to derail you from the strategy you already had set?

For me, if it’s not one thing it’s surely another. Not that the opportunities aren’t good but sometimes you have to ask yourself if it’s really for you. You have to be strong enough to not get pushed to make a decision simply because the pressure is on to make one. I’ve done that mistake many times and I find myself in the same position once again. The thing is that maybe I shared my vision a little too much with others. God didn’t give them that vision though, he  gave it to me. You must be careful to who you speak to about it and maybe you’re simply supposed to keep it quiet completely. Many might see you as too optimistic or maybe they might think that you have your head in the clouds. It’s not always going to make sense to everyone, you have to keep that in mind so you can’t really be surprised that once you share it, their reaction is completely different to what you expected it to be. When you let others in on your thoughts, at least for me I can’t help but to let their words cloud my mind from what I already know to be true. People might call me weak minded for it and I say it because I have been called that before. But it is nothing compared to the regret you’ll have inside if you don’t go for what God already showed you. Have faith that regardless of what it looks like now, nothing can stop the plan God has for your life. It is written.


Not How I Thought It Would Be

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to. I’ve known that for years yet for some reason it’s like I can’t stop trying to control what’s beyond my control. I don’t understand why I keep doing it but at the same time I do. Part of me wants everything under my control just so I won’t get hurt, I don’t like heartache but who does, it’s inevitable but I wish it were possible to avoid it at all times. I’ll admit though I’ve learned so much, obviously more than I would have if I didn’t face any heartache, opposition, depression and just hard times overall. Over the years I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do but never really bothered to ask God what it is he would like for me to do. I’m trying to silence my own thoughts, trying to discern when God speaks to me and even then I over analyze just to make sure what I’m hearing isn’t wrong. There has been so many ideas/plans I’ve tried to make happen and so far it’s been an okay run. I’m still trying though, I’ll keep giving it a go until I get it right. Only God knows why it’s taking time, somehow I haven’t lost my faith and I’m truly thankful for it. I am an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, a blogger and finally starting my YouTube channel. Should one of these be meant for success, I pray to God to remain humble, to use me and the platform to make a difference.

You are more than welcome to check out my channel and page. Thank you! ♥️

Giving Yourself Before Marriage

In my younger years I held it close to my heart to never give myself before marriage but that went out the window when I was 17. It might seem odd to others that I’m here sharing this but I rather be open about the truth as a Christian and where I stand now in this walk, which is still somewhat new to me.

I’ve been on the receiving end of questionable looks when I mention that I am not comfortable dating around more than one person at the same time. Though I do not owe anyone any explanation I choose to share this in hopes that it might help someone else to know that they are not alone. I’ve lost count as to how many times people tell me that I should date around and as close as I’ve been to taking that poor advice I am thankful I did not. At 17 I remember my first so called boyfriend, he was older than I was and I was also old enough to know better but I still went along with it. After that happened, we probably kept seeing each other for a little more over a year but eventually we completely stopped talking to one another. I was clueless as to why but of course some time after that I found out that he was already in a serious relationship and he had a kid. I don’t really recall me being hurt when I found out, I was actually more disappointed as to why he couldn’t just be honest and why he would even take it as far as introducing me to some of his family when we were clearly not in a position to take such a step. As a youngster I was also confused because he considered himself to be a Christian, that is when I started to have preconceived notions about what they are truly like but I didn’t know any better. Now I understand that it’s one thing stating that you are and another to fully commit yourself to walking in obedience and I know because I am still learning. Whether we think we have knowledge or not, it means nothing when you make the wrong choices but thankfully no one is too far off to ask for forgiveness until it is time for the Lord’s return, why take the chance in putting off that choice longer?

I am 27 years old now and it was only about two years ago that I began to fully get a grasp of the reality that I gave myself before marriage. I’ll admit I broke down because it truly hit me not only for the fact that I let that promise to myself go but again I found myself dating someone and making the same mistake. Personally I’ll never say that he was a mistake but the decision I made was, I don’t believe in putting blame on anyone but yourself when you are not being held against your own will, I did it freely. In those moments I tried to justify each time I did it but eventually something did not sit well with me. Not only did I have to walk away for myself because of that very reason but knowing that we both faced temptation each time was tough. As I think about it I ask myself why would I want to be partly responsible of taking that away from him when God made someone specifically for them. I could’ve made a thousand excuses as to why I made the decision to let go but deep down I know this was the reason. As crazy as I may sound to others this is my belief, I believe in saving yourself for marriage. Think of how much more special and pure it will be. You can be told that those types of relationships aren’t possible anymore but have faith, they most certainly are.

Many people are carefree and I’m not saying I don’t know how to have fun or anything but when it comes to dating, I take it seriously and I know I’m not the only one. I’m no one to judge and I am not but I always wonder how is it that so many people can go through with it and feel like everything is fine. God made sex for marriage, defiling your bed is not worth it. Truth be told for me there was emptiness because I wanted more, God made us to love so it is only naturally to want to love and be loved but that is not possible when you are giving yourself to someone that God did not intend for to be your husband/wife. You can say we are human, it is natural for us to have needs but the real fact is that yes we do have them but they should only be fulfilled within marriage. I will add this as well, I believe that two people who end up getting married after sleeping together can still come to God and state their short comings because we all have them. I’ll leave it at this statement because I don’t fully know everything and never will I claim that I do, at the end only God can judge us and even if we think we have it all down right it is only him that truly knows the purity of our heart. My words are shared to let others know there is nothing wrong with waiting on God’s timing, when we rush we take the risk of running into something that may not be for us. Let God reveal to you what’s best rather than trying to make decisions based on what you’re feeling because truth be told, our feelings are not always on point.

Proverbs 23:9 – “Do not speak to fools, for they will scorn your prudent words.”

Hebrews 13:4 – “Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery.”

Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”